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The network

Redbelly is a secure and scalable blockchain optimised for Compliant Asset Tokenisation (C.A.T). To achieve this, Redbelly combines its world leading formally verified Democratic Byzantine Fault Tolerance (DBFT) consensus algorithm with a scalable EVM implementation, super block optimisation, and predictable gas fees. In addition, Receptor, a layer 1 accountability protocol, ensures all network participants are who they say they are and facilitates on chain compliance mechanisms.

Thus, Redbelly embeds Finality, Accountability, Security, Throughput, and Compliant Composability (FAST CC) in its blockspace.

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Property 1=accountability


Known network participation is the cornerstone of accountability on the Redbelly Network.

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Property 1=predicitability


Uncompromising security, transaction finality, and predictable gas fees.

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Property 1=monitoring

Network status

Track development progress, monitor network health and review transactions through our dashboards and block explorer.

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Redbelly community

Redbelly has an engaged and active community on Discord. Join discussions, share ideas and suggestions or ask technical questions.