Node operator guide

Once you have been accepted to run a Redbelly Network node, this guide will help you get started by explaining the steps required to setup and on-board your node to the network.

Please note that setting up and operating a Redbelly node requires knowledge and experience with applicable hardware and software management, such as;

  • DNS (Domain Name System) configuration
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server) setup
  • Linux command line syntax

The Redbelly community, and support team may only offer limited assistance for issues not directed related to the network infrastructure, or Redbelly specific technology.


If you were invited to participate in our DevNet program, your success and continued support at Mainnet will entitle you to staking rewards and a share of transaction fees. To be selected for Mainnet however, you must first participate on DevNet before the Mainnet launch.

Network and community access

Before beginning the process of setting up the network node, ensure you have the following requisite network and community access required.

Property 1=ID

Redbelly Network access

Node operators MUST have network access for 2 accounts and provide their public address when registering a node. One account will be used to sign transactions, the other will be used to received rewards and incentives.

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Business verification

On the Redbelly MainNet (launching 2024), you may also register your company via Redbelly's Business verification process if you intend to run a node as a company or trust.

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We provide important updates and support communication via our node operator channel which you will be invited to. If you don't have an account, join now.

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Node setup and onboarding

You should have received confirmation of your acceptance as a Node Operator via email, along with an invitation to access the Redbelly Network Node Operator Support Portal. You will need access to the support portal to register your node. If you haven't received the invite, please check your inbox or spam folder.

Property 1=success

Step 1: Review requirements

Before you begin, ensure you have reviewed the requirements and obligations for running a node.

Property 1=success

Step 2: Setup node

Download binaries and configure your node.

Property 1=success

Step 3: Register node

Adding your node requires registering it with Redbelly to receive your unique ID.

Property 1=success

Step 4: Start your node

Run the Redbelly Binary.

Property 1=success

Step 5: Verify your node

Check your node is connected to network.

Once you have verified you node, the process is complete, however, we recommend reviewing the following information to improve or tailor your setup.


To ensure the best experience when you need support, setting up cloud logging is recommended.

Review log setup guide

Binary flags

Review our flag reference to see what can be passed to the binary.

Review binary flag reference guide