Topping up stake

If a node is jailed 20% of its stake will be slashed.

Governor nodes are jailed when, in a window size of 100 consensus rounds, the node misses more than 50 rounds. Candidate nodes are jailed if a node has been out of sync with the network, beyond a reasonable threshold.

Provided the node has not been jailed more than 4x, and has waited out the 4 week suspension, the node may regain access to the candidate pool by topping up the slashed amount.

To do so, call: function freeServedGuilty(address payee) public payable with the necessary 20,000 RBNT on the JailedNodesUpgradeable contract located at the following address:




To ensure the transaction can be verified please use the same public address which you will select to receive rewards.

What happens next?

Provided the jail time has been served and the stake is topped up, the node will return to the pool of candidates.