Node registration

Registering a node requires submitting a request to add your node to the network.

After you have completed node setup, registering your node requires providing the following information:

Node Url


Public address

(e.g. 0xDe234….t4g, used to receive rewards and incentives)

Signing address

(e.g. 0xDe234….t4g, used to sign transactions)

Node RPC HTTP port

(recommended 8545, same as configured in Firewall)

Node RPC WS port

(recommended 8546, same as configured in Firewall)

Node consensus port

(recommended 1888, same as configured in Firewall)

Node recovery port

(recommended 1111, same as configured in Firewall)

Discord handle

Required so that we can invite you to the appropriate channel where you can keep yourself updated with the latest news & developments.


You will need to access the Redbelly Developer Support Portal which you would have received an invite to if you were accepted into the Node Operator program.

What happens next?

The Redbelly Support team will review the registration request. Once your node is registered, a unique node ID will be provided. This is needed for setting up the config.yaml file in the next step.