Node operator rules of engagement

Below is an outline of the Rules of Engagement for becoming a Node Operator for Redbelly Network. Each Node Operator will need to adhere to these rules to ensure they continue to qualify as a Node Operator and are eligible for ongoing incentives and payments.


The Node Operator will:

  • Agree to and sign the Terms & Conditions;
  • Adhere to all System Requirements as identified in this document or as advised by Redbelly;
  • Ensure that the Node will be online and available for all eligibility checks; and
  • Ensure that staking requirements are met.


The System Requirements identified by Redbelly in this document may change from time to time, and Redbelly will provide reasonable notice to the Node Operator for any such change, using the email address provided by the Node Operator and any other appropriate channels. The Node Operator will use its best efforts to ensure that it will continue to meet the minimum requirements.

Should the Node Operator be required to vary the service provided (for example change the server infrastructure), reasonable notice will need to be provided to Redbelly.


The Note Operator must not:

  • remove, alter or obscure any disclaimer or notice, or any restricted right, legend, trademark, copyright or other ownership right legend appearing on any materials provided by Redbelly or any Redbelly technology;
  • allow access to the node by any unauthorised entity;
  • copy, adapt, translate, publish, or create any adaptation, translation, or derivative of Redbelly technology unless expressly permitted by Redbelly or required at law;
  • reverse engineer, reverse compile, decompile or disassemble any code or any part of the Redbelly technology or otherwise attempt to derive the Redbelly technology; or
  • use or permit the use of the Redbelly technology for any purpose that may cause damage or injury to any person or property or breach any law.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in the immediate termination of the Node Operators ability to host Redbelly infrastructure, forfeit of rewards, as well as legal action.


  • Node operator is responsible for hardware, virtualisation (if applicable) and operating system, and for its updates.
  • Node operator is responsible for updates to the Redbelly Network software and will maintain the software to the patch level as instructed by Redbelly.
  • The Node Operator will complete an onboarding process to identify themselves or any company that is represented. This will be done through the Redbelly platform.