Stop hosting node

If a node operator no longer intends to host a Redbelly Network node, they may request to have their node removed from the network from the Node Operator Portal.

As outlined in the node hosting agreement, the Node Operator may terminate the agreement at any time by notifying Redbelly via the Node Operator Portal.

Once the node operator notifies Redbelly Network that they no longer intend to host a node, a cooling-off period of up to 14 days will be initiated. The cooling-off period is to ensure that the network size is not compromised by allowing time for a backup node to enter the network. During the cooling-off period, the node is expected to remain active (with network governance rules continuing to apply).

To ensure leaving the network is as smooth as possible, any node serving a cool-off period which is a candidate will be excluded from the list of eligible candidates to be upgraded to a governor in the next network reconfiguration, if the node is a governor it will be prioritised for downgrading (to candidate)in the next round of network reconfiguration

Sign-up bonus impact

Please note that when an operator opts to stop hosting a node, and they were eligible for a sign-up bonus, any unvested coins from the sign-up bonus will be forfeited.