Identity and participation on the network

Redbelly is purpose built for compliant asset tokenisation. As such, accountability is one of the foundations of the network that has been built directly into the protocol.

Network access

To ensure a baseline of accountability, all network participants MUST prove they are who they say they are before gaining access, a process facilitated by Receptor, Redbelly's native identity protocol.



Redbelly's native identity protocol, Receptor facilitates identity verification on the network, enabling both users and businesses to prove claims about their identity through verifiable credentials.

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Property 1=ID

User access

Before users can self-enable their accounts with write access to the network, they must claim an access credential from a network accredited issuer.

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Business participation

To reduce the risks associated with the impersonation or misrepresentation of businesses which can mislead customers, business verification is also available on the network. Like users, organisations can be verified to ensure that other network parties can be confident that they're interacting with licensed entities, official representatives and official smart contracts on chain.