Verify the node is running

Provided you have registered your node and started it, it's time to verify it is running as a candidate on the network.


If you can connect to Redbelly Network through your node and see the RBNT balance in your account. You have successfully been added to the Redbelly network as a candidate node.

Step 1: Install Metamask

To find and install Metamask as a browse extension:

  • Go to the Extensions page of your browser
  • Search for the Metamask browser extension
  • Add Extension to your browser
Step 2: Add Redbelly Network

To add Redbelly Network to Metamask:

  • Use the "network selector" action (usually at the top of the screen) and then select "add network".
  • You should see a list of popular networks, select "add".
  • You will be prompted to add the network details, please use the following:
    • Network name: Redbelly Network
    • New RPC URL: (eg.
      • This is https://<FQDN without hostname and trailing ‘.'> followed by ':’ and the RPC Port used while starting the Redbelly blockchain node.
  • Save the network (you can use the "network selector" later to display a list of networks you have already connected to.)
Step 3: Connect and check balance

You can now connect to the network and import your signing address account.

Assuming that you have obtained access for your signing address as described in Network Access, then you will see a balance of ~10 RBNTs in your wallet. This means that your node has been successfully added to the network as a candidate node and is able to read your signing address balance from the network.



Please note that as a candidate node, your node will not be able to submit transactions to be written to the network as this responsibility is reserved to the governor nodes.

As we run regular network reconfigurations in the future, your node might be randomly promoted to governorship for a pre-determined period of time (usually 2 weeks).

Until your node is promoted to governorship, you will need to us one of the current governor nodes RPC, should you wish to submit a transaction to the network via Metamask. Learn more about Redbelly Network Governance.

Checking node status

Once your node becomes part of the network, as a candidate node, it will start to download blocks from the network to bring itself in sync with the rest of the network. This process might take a while when your node first joins the network.

To check the status of your node in relation to the rest of the network:

  • Get the latest block number from the Redbelly Block Explorer.
  • Run the following command which will return the latest block number on your node in hexadecimal format, for example: {"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":1,"result":"0x234"}).
curl --location '<YOUR NODE RPC>' --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --data '{
  • Finally, convert the block number provided (i.e. 0x234) in the returned string from hexadecimal to decimal. You may use this converter to do so.

It will take some time for your node to bring itself in sync with the rest of the network after it first becomes part of the network so it is normal for the block number returned by the above command to initially be lower than the latest block number on the network. However, with time, the gap will reduce and eventually the block number returned by your node will match that of the network.