Accredited issuers

On Redbelly, all network participants must prove they are who they say they are in order to get network access. There is thus a special class of network accredited issuers who are responsible for helping users and businesses through this process.

Accredited issuers play an important role in not only helping to onboard users and businesses to the network, but also by issuing and maintaining relevant credentials. As such, accredited issuers receive a percentage of gas fees to recognise the value they bring to the network by establishing a baseline of accountability. 

To become accredited, issuers have to prove they meet the minimum onboarding requirements. For users this is a valid photo ID document with biometric verification. For businesses at least one officeholder must have onboarded as a user and prove that they are an officeholder of the business they want to register.

All accredited issuers are listed in an on chain registry. The contract addresses are:


Contract address


Coming soon...



Coming soon...





Growing the number of accredited issuers

As the network grows and matures, additional accredited issuers will be added to the network. It is crucial to provide a robust diversity of accredited issuers to give users choice and control over who they wish to use to vouch for their identity and to decentralise this crucial network function.