Binary flags

The following is a list of flags that can be passed to the binary.

SEVM flags

  • consensus.type - consensus type to run with the SEVM. Value dbft should be explicitly passed.
  • threshold - Maximum number of transactions received before making a proposal.
  • timeout -Maximum duration between two proposals.

Directory flags

  • config.file - Path to node configuration file
  • consensus.dir - Configuration file for consensus system
  • datadir - Path of the directory where Redbelly Network Data will be saved.

TLS flags

  • tls - Enables TLS on SEVM
  • consensus.tls - Enables TLS for Consensus
  • tls.key - Path to TLS certificate key
  • tls.cert - Path to TLS certificate file

HTTP-RPC flags

  • http - Enable the HTTP-RPC server.
  • http.port - HTTP-RPC server listening port.
  • http.addr - HTTP-RPC server listening interface.
  • http.corsdomain - Comma-separated list of domains from which to accept cross-origin requests (browser enforced).
  • http.vhosts - Comma-separated list of virtual hostnames from which to accept requests (server enforced). Accepts '*' wildcard.
  • http.api - APIs offered over the HTTP-RPC interface. Example - web3, eth, net, admin, rbn
  • allow-insecure-unlock - Allow insecure account unlocking when account-related RPCs are exposed by HTTP

Websocket flags

  • ws - Enable the WS-RPC server.
  • ws.addr - WS-RPC server listening interface.
  • ws.port - WS-RPC server listening port.
  • - Origins from which to accept websockets requests.
  • ws.api - APIs offered over the WS-RPC interface. Example - web3, eth, net, admin, rbn.

Bootstrap flags

  • config.bootstrap - IP of a bootstrap node to contact in case the node wants to join an existing network. It will attempt to contact this node to fetch the latest information from its configuration contract. If this flag is not passed the node will fetch the information from its own configuration contract.
  • bootstrap.tries - Number of tries a node can make to connect to a bootstrap node. Default value: 10
  • bootstrap.wait - Represents the time a node can take to connect to a bootstrap node. Default value: 5

Recovery flags

  • recovery.tries - Number of tries a node can make for recovery. Default value: 10
  • recovery.wait - The number of seconds a node should wait before retrying connection initiation during the recovery process. The default value is 5.

Log flags

  • mode - Logging mode. Use 'production' for JSON logs.